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Default Re: how much compression can these things take?

Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
Hi mapbike,

Please read my below disclaimer - you have not caused any offence.

That is great Fabian......and I'm glad there is no offense taken because there is no meaness of any kind intended by my post, I can tell by your disclaimer that you have a great since of humor so that tells me you gotta be a great ole fell-ur. I say things sometimes that may seem a little straight from the shoulder and a little crude at times but I truly mean no harm to anyone for any reason, I just have very strong opinions about the things I believe in and dont mind letting the world know, this kinda thinking is what has built the greatest capitolist self governed nations in the world. I love my Country as I know you do yours and people like us dont mind making that fact known...
God bless, Shan
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