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Default Re: how much compression can these things take?

I dont want to offend anyone here but those burnout videos dont impress at all, Where I come from that is called all show and no go, heck I can burn the tires off of an old datsun stationwagon that has an old 4 banger in it and as for the engines in those cars on the videos, I'll bet they were made right here in the good ole USA where we created the HOT ROD and the high horsepower high U-Joint busting torque that can be easily gotten from a big block V8 Chevy, Ford or Dodge no way does anyone do Horsepower better than the American Hot Rodders, never have I seena Nitro Methane Top fuel Dragster with n Australian designed big block engine, all these engines are based on American design and these are the fastest cars on the planet. we do it bestand always have, just like just about everything else, thats what makes us American, we had a better idea and we proved it, being a proud American I had to say all this, not meant to offend in any way, I like Australia and have had friends who lived there and loved the place, I would love to go there myself some day, but in my opinion American HP is best.

:-) Sincerely, Shan

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