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Default Re: Hello Motor bike world! New from central valley

Yup I agree! the directions do suk! And worse I did not receive anything in print with motor kit. (I found it online though) Gotta say...Maybe one shouldn't pick a stretch cruiser for their first build! What a (*&^%&(^$^#@ Headache! Finally I found a position which I feel might work...but, then again might run it around block and have to start all over. I did however do some of the things that members here deem a necessity. Like: Replacing a lot of the crappy bolts with grade 8 stuff. I took a dremel tool and carved out the intake and exhaust. Purchased a hub adapter and 40 tooth sprocket from CE. So, I guess Ill keep trucking and see if it works. I think one of the goals of this build is to head off future problems in advance. So now Im working on securing fenders. (I know, but I really like the way they look on this machine) OK, of to wrench some before dark. Oh, and thanks for the welcome. Mr D
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