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Default Re: pull start for 2 stroke

I use a piece to tire tubing that's cut to about an inch wide. It stays on the handle and when I need it for the clutch, I stretch it out and catch the clutch handle with it, which keeps it compressed.

The pull start is great for the most part....too bad they're not made in the US.
If you don't have wide cranks, you can do what I did and that was to heat them up and bend them out a bit.

Next, they make two kinds now. The first ones (a little cheaper) have a plastic pawl (spinner-catcher thingy) which is know to break after awhile, but this too can be upgraded with some DIY ingenuity. Also, another thing to "fix" is the plastic rope guide on it. This will pop out and your rope will shred on that exposed metal hole. Once again..some DIY ingenuity can fix this as well.

The new upgraded ones have a steel cable instead of rope. It also has more metal on the inside of it (most likely pot metal) and does look a lot better. I do have one of these, but have yet to use it so I can't make a judgment call for it.

Because these are made in China, you can almost expect to fix them up a bit. In some respects, I would say to buy two of them. Hope this helps.

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