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Wink The Ultimate Inexpensive All-Terrain Build (Thread)

I have motorized bicycle withdrawal now, and was thinking about doing a great project before the bike was stored- so here's the theoretical build.

It is a truly all-purpose bike.

It can be pedaled with little resistance from the motor chain like a regular pushbike, or motored to about 15-20mph (cycling speeds, it is truly a motorized bicycle not a moped).

In pedal only mode it would have an locking clutch control that actually works, but does not need to be a lever because in off-roading having front and rear brakes is important.

It would have a deraileur and 5 to 15 gears in pedal mode, which would ideally still work. It would have a pullstarter for the motor to avoid messy jumpstarts, and some way of making the pedals clear it.

It would have the standard 44t sprocket, and 1/2G tank but with an aluminum water bottle for spare fuel on the trail or in the middle of nowhere when you're too tired to pedal.

It could be disassembled for bus or car travel (mounting on a bike rack) in ten minutes or so, and disassembled for overseas (boat or air) travel in an hour or two, as well as indoor storage (drain all gas) in a ten minutes.

It would have a headlight for all-weather riding.

It would have an onboard toolkit with enough tools for common repairs and typical disassembly.

It would weigh under 45lbs with gas, tools and light.

So some questions arise- an old steel ten-speed frame, with a one-piece crank, seems like the ideal indestructible base for a bike like this, but what about pedal clearance of the pullstart, chain clearance for the sprocket and tensioner, and a place to mount the toolkit and spare fuel bottle that doesn't interfere with putting the bike on a rack for a bus or car ride?

Also, anyone with experience on securing an motorized bicycle to a car, truck and/or bus's bicycle rack would be great for advice.

Thanks, always thinking of new projects y'know
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