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Default Considering getting a bicycle motor?

Hi guys!

I don't know much about bike motors, but the idea really appeals to me. I'm hoping for some advice from you knowledgeable folks out there. I recently lost my car in an accident, and realized I could get everywhere I need to go with a bike. But how much nicer would it be if I didn't have to pedal it all the time?

I've got a bike already, but I'm not sure if a motor will fit on it. It's a cross between a road and mountain bike, which is appropriate for where I live (lots of gravel or dirt roads, but also some pavement). I think the company is called 'Specialized,' and it's a few years old. As I recall it has low suspension. I'd give more info but it's in a different city at the moment.

It'd be nice to have something with some kick, at a relatively low cost. What I'm wondering is what sort of engine I should look at buying. I'd rather not spend more than $300, and definitely not more than $500. I'd guess that gas engines will be cheaper for the power. I want to be able to switch between using the engine and pedaling, too.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!
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