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Default Re: how much compression can these things take?

Short story on Kevlarr's theme: You wouldn't put a 6-71 blower on a stock Chevy smallblock, oh sure it'll be impressive for a couple of minutes.

Every January in the city of Canberra (Australia) an exhibition is held celebrating horsepower and the notion of making more of it than anyone else.
We Australians put Americans to shame when it comes to high horsepower "burnout competitions" and dyno competitions.

Some years ago i was up there and an entrant in the burnout competition has a modified 400 Chev with an 8/71 blower on the thing.
In qualifing he blew the engine, giving it his all with the right foot.
To continue on, he managed to get a standard 350 Chev short block from the local wreckers. In haste, he and his mates swapped over all the high performance parts from the race engine onto the stock short block, including 8/71 blower.

Well, the result was somewhat spectacular.
Car is lined up on the burnout staging area and off he goes,,,,,,,,,, for all of about 1.5 seconds, then BOOM, the bottom end comes flying out from beneath the car; rods, pistons, crank and i'm sure the water jackets too!

Most impressive to watch.
Here is an example of how we Australians do things.

YouTube - Summernats Finals 2010 Matt Power.flv

and some fire


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