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Default Re: how much compression can these things take?

Originally Posted by Ilikeabikea View Post
I don't think they are junk engines. Mine has proved very reliable. I'm sure there is an occasional bad engine. But for the price they are worth what you pay for them...............
Me either. The biggest problem is people think there's some magic tweak you can do to these motors to turn them into a Hayabusa or something. Another thing is you can't just do one thing and expect great performance gains. Sure there's a few things like porting and adding an expansion pipe that can help quite a bit but turning one of these into a screamer takes quite a bit of work that in my opinion, other then bragging rights, really isn't worth it.

You wouldn't put a 6-71 blower on a stock Chevy smallblock, oh sure it'll be impressive for a couple of minutes.
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