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Default Re: Here are some facts...

Yes.. I have found at least 4 different versions of carbs. Slide size, slide type, and with different type bowls. All seem to use the same style white donut float. As for Size, the largest I have found is around 69cc. That is.. If you count the complete stroke distance. Which technically for a port valving 2 stroke is not its true displacement. But if you do, you can get 63cc to 69 cc displacement. If not, you get anywhere from 42 to 45 cc displacement depending on port size and style. So.. Technically, you can get anywhere from around 30cc all the way to 69cc depending on the math and engine type. Keep in mind, these do not account for all the engines like these that come out of Asia. Only the ones I have seen . I have done searches and asked other manufactures and so far, have never ever seen a true 80cc or anything close to it. Which gets me since I see so many selling engines as 80cc. I was told that there is no 80cc no matter how you measure. And.. Really, there is no need for one. The Current 50's and 70's are plenty fast enough for any bicycle. Anything less than 50cc is legal in most states. So try and stick to the 50's. They cost a little less and are legal most places. Enjoy the ride..