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Question most of yall know me by now...

Well I have another problem it seems that i need a new bucking bar mine wore out and is not allowing my clutch to Disengage I dont like riding without my clutch but am forced to as its my only way to get around. i have to say without my clutch being able to disengage, riding its a little sketchy
but i guess it could be worse if the clutch would not engage . what im trying to say is i need a new or slightly used bucking bar and cant afford to pay for the part and shipping im hoping someone had a spare and could send it to me for the cost of shipping I know i ask alot from this forum but isent that what its here for? maby not but i see people doing trades and things of that nature on here all the time
i dont know what to do im at a loss maby someone could tell me a good way to fix this problem with little to no money I was thinking of getting some liquid steel and put a glob on the bucking bar to make up for the clearance issue i dont know,dose any one trust liquid steel?

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