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Default Re: where can I find the answer on here

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
I'm taking a guess here, your runnin a 2 stroke. Sounds like the old "too big of a jet syndrome". Something to try(once), get on a long stretch of flat road, wind it up until it "4 strokes" Brrrrrrrr as you put it, basically falling off on power/bogging etc.. ANYWAY, when it's doing the bog, shut the gas petcock OFF, keep the throttle on, If in about 10 seconds, it starts to pull again for a consistent time(a few seconds), the Jet is too big. there is a procedure to make the jet the right size, Norm helped me with this, I believe the thread is in "Norms 2 stroke repair center" 4 stroking at WOT

hey thanks Mac, i will give that a try tomorrow when it's light out.

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