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Default Re: where can I find the answer on here

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
If it is a Chinese in frame 2-stroke, the engine will not run perfectly until after the break in period. That takes about 2 to 3 gallons of fuel and 500 to 700 miles.
What oil ratio are you mixing your fuel at? 16:1 to 20:1 is the general accepted ratio for break in. I prefer 25:1 myself.
What color is the spark plug at the electrodes, the part inside the engine?
It should be a flaky looking brown to black, but not wet looking, when a heavy break in fuel to oil ratio is used and you have a good air to fuel ratio. If it is black and wet looking then you are running a bit rich on the air to fuel ratio, which I suspect you are. Check it and get back with us. Armed with more info we can help you out better.

Hey thanks for the info, I just checked the spark plug and it's a milky brown. And yes it's a 2-stroke chinese in frame motor. So far my fuel mixture has been 25:1. I was told it would run better after it broke in. I just didn;t figure it would do what it's I weigh about 175, my bike with motor and gas probably weighs around 50-60 lbs. I have the stock 44 tooth rear sproket on the bike. So was hoping to atleast be able to cruise at around 30. I tried putting a 36 th sproket on but my motor didn't like it much
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