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I officially started my build today and I'm already stuck. Went to mount the rear sprocket on the wheel. I never saw any good drawings of the stack up so I guessing that all 5 plates go on the inside I put the set of three on top of the unequal pair making sure to stagger the gaps..

The rubber fought me for a while but I overcame them and got the sprocket on. The sprocket hole fit my hub so no modification was needed. The coaster brake arm cleared the bolt heads so no modification was needed there either. All I had to do was trim the flange on the dust cap and I was ready to put it together.

Torqued all the fasteners in a star pattern with a torque wrench, then checked runout. Lateral and end runout was good. Then I tried to pedal and it wouldn't budge foreward or backwards. Something got jacked up in the hub and it went downhill from there. Took it apart and tried adjusting the guts inside so the axle nut would fit better, no luck. Took it apart again and one of the races fell out and a ball popped out.

I think I'm done for the day. I have to figure out thes rear hub and find a replacement bearing.
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