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Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Push the engine less hard and let is cool off more frequently. It will run cooler after the rings marry into the cylinder, after break in.
From what I understand, after treating the first 20 miles as a very gentile, varied-speed breakin, and having a guaranteed 50 (probably more like 75-100) miles on the motor, the rings should be seated by now. Is this true?

Given the miles I've put on it so far, and the fact that the "pinging" engine noises are completely gone, and the engine sounds like a very healthy engine when I rev it, I figure the "breakin" has to be pretty close to being done. I would love to believe that the only reason my engine is overheating is because it's not broken in fully yet, but, I'm a bit skeptical, since it's acting much more like I picture a broken in engine would.

I do appreciate all of the feedback so far.

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