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Default china bicycle motor facts...

There are at least 50 different factories in Asia that make the 2 stroke engines. Although they may look the same, they are different. Much different. Since I have bought and tested many of these engines and been in the business of selling engines and their applications for around 35 years all over the world, and used them and applied them both diesels and gas engines in many countries around the world. And this continues. Actually it continues at an increased pace these days. I do not know everything about engines, but I do know some things, and I will expound on these things I do know. And this I know, Those that say these 2 stroke engines from Asia all come from the same factory or factories do not know what they are talking about. There are many many differences in both design and quality. Since the similar items are fewer, it is easier to tell of these similarities than the differences since the differences are many. Keep in mind, even those items that are similar, they too are actually different but similar enough to be interchanged and will actually function on an engine from another factory. These items are as follows, side covers, magneto, CDI, Spark plug, wire and cap, carb, exhaust pipe. Throttle and cable, Clutch lever, . Those are the only items that I am confident can be used with other kits. Now.. Out of those list of items, they are all different but can be used with other kits with better or poorer results depending on the type and size of engine made and from what factory. Out of those items listed, the spark plug would be the only exacting item made. The LD4Z plug. That seems to be the same for all kits.

As for the 4 stroke kits, Asia has a range of 4 strokes that are top shelf. The 4 stroke IC motors are typical in China and are all top shelf. You can not compare the 2 stroke bike kit motors to the 4 Stroke IC motors. You just can not compare. You also can not compare the 2 stroke IC motors to the non IC 2 stroke motors. There is just is no comparison. You can not do it. The 2 stroke IC motors from china also cost 2 times as much. As for fit and finish, the Japanese IC motors still have it. But as for reliability, they are not better. And.. I can tell you, the China 4 stroke IC motors Fit and finish will improve and I am confindent they will be on top in the next couple of years. As a matter of fact, China has now moved to the top in world wide production of small engines and scooters. Japan has now moved into many of the China factories investing heavy in QC and engineering investment. USA has done the same.

To sum this up, I am defending what I know to be true. I am not defending China, USA, Japan or Europe and their methods and investments. I only want people to know the facts . When someone is saying things I know to be false, I can not sit idle by and let it happen. I have to speak up. It was once reported in this forum that Factory and manufacture Involvement is appreciated. As a USA Manufacture, Supplier, and also a Vendor, these are a few of the facts as I know them. No Drama, just facts. I do not appreciate those that express their views disguised as axioms. Thanks.. And Enjoy the ride...