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Default Re: Kit prices are shooting up....

I have worked on just about every major brand of truck or car as a heavy line mechanic.

Try getting the freeze plugs put in between the fire wall and engine on a V8, or 6. Another good one is getting the CV axle seals in on a Toyota front wheel drive. Its sockets, tape, extensions and swivels. Last finesse! Oh yeah and a hammer!

That guy putting seals in a CH Bike motor does them all day long. Hands on experience just is not replaceable! One Toyota front wheel drive CV seals I did involved a long 1''x1'' stick of wood with small piece of 1''x1'' wood on the end the size of the seal. Then Hammer time.. That was ten years ago in my front yard seals working perfect to this day. One of those seals Ya' just can't reach.

My point being is a hammer and finesse is just peachy. I can't count how many times I used old bearing races and a hammer to get new bearings put in. Very common practice. Sure some stuff is more delicate. A impact gun has hammer mechanize built in it that's how it gets all that torque.

You don't take a wrench in your hand at a tight space and pull all hard on it. That's how one gets the surprise of missing skin on there knuckles! Its a well placed firm hold and a well calculated jerk to it kinda like the shock of a hammer or a impact wrench. Nothing can really replace hands on experience with mechanics!

I have invented quirky stuff just to get things done. Whole mess off PVC pipe pieces etc. They make a tool for everything. But none replaces the Human mind. Adapt and over come..
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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