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Unhappy Storage of Bike...

Well, due to one of my roomates getting a car and a bunch of his old stuff from home, I cannot use the garage at our house anymore.

I will have to keep my tools and projects either stored away or in my bedroom, which means no more motors and related stuff, and most of my tools apart from basic screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches and pliers, and allen keys will be put away as well.

However there is room in the top part of the garage to keep boxes so I don't need to get rid of anything. This means though that I will need to disassmble my motorized bicycle to store it. I need to store the whole thing not just the motor, tank, lights etc- I am getting a new ATB soon to store indoors so I can keep it clean. Anyway, I have three questions: Can I leave the cylinder on the motor, or will the piston stick? Will a little bit of 2-smoke motor oil prevent a stuck motor after being in storage for a while? And two, what's a typical box size that a bicycle frame will fit into? Finally will batteries cause a problem if they're new and I remove them from storage before their expiration date?

Thanks all.
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