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Default Re: Kit prices are shooting up....

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
$20,000 for "certification".

It may be time to stick a fork in the two stroke in frame unless someone wises up and sells them as kits....I mean engine kits, not the whole engine in a kit.

How hard is it to assemble 12 parts?
And while it is all apart would be the perfect time to check things over, de-bur, do the porting. Yes, why not an engine kit with options on the cylinder head, carb, bearings, intake manifold, exhaust pipe? Buy just the stuff you are actually going to use instead of the way we do it now. Is this a way around the EPA nonsense? I hate to see the little two strokes go, but if the prices keep climbing and don't go back down again as they have in the past, then you're right... time to stick in the fork and move on to four strokes.
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