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Default Re: What's Your Best Method To Lock Up (Protect) Your Bike?

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
I have one of those cable locks with a braided sheath around it to make it hard to cut. It works for a trip into the store. It didn't stop somebody from stealing my headlight the other day. Oh well I'll take the next one in with me. I lock it in a shed with a door alarm at night. If they want it bad enough they will get it. Real problem isn't the theives. It's the people out there that think it's ok to buy stolen stuff cause they didn't steal it. If there was no market to sell stolen stuff there would be very little theft.
Good point as a mechanic people wold come by the shop with tools for sale. I would ask em if it was stolen and if the reaction was read right on there faces I will shame them too! O and not buy it. That's my thought there.

Multiple bike locks is best if it has to leave your sight. I like the dual tumbler keyed set ups best. There the hardest to pick.
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