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Default Re: Centrifugal Clutch Option?

Let us know how the oil bath works out with the C. clutch. Thanks Four.

Yes we got off topic with this sorry O.P. . But I would say his questions got answered. With the jiber jaber at the ready he will have even more answered I am sure. I was picking Fours brain a little. I got a reason to believe the China Centrifugal clutch will work fine in a oil bath. But don't know as question was for Foureasy. If this will not work who tried it and where is the link?

Dig deep in the forum and you will find out that the china has been ran wet before with different style clutch pucks as well. Now these are not stock china's and were experiments. As for the op sorry if off topic seamed offensive! I was unaware that we got so official here?... all of a sudden?

Yes the stock china clutch with the stock china should be fine. I have many miles with the stock China manual clutch puck style never ran wet or over greasy they have been just fine never had a prob with it . Have not ran a Centrifugal clutch yet.

Yes it is true the op should know this is off topic that a stock China is ran dry!!!! It is very important to clarify what a stock China is!!!

As for the stock China clutch [manual one] it needs grease applied to the gears and the clutch actuator [The part on the left side rod and bearing] as needed. And not too much because centrifugal force will sling it into the China's clutch pucks causing slippage. Any thing not in a oil bath needs manual grease applied as needed. To the gears etc not the pucks or shoes.

Last of all a souped test engine is gonna help design one heck of a nice Centrifugal clutch! I love the innovation here on this forum! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the ride!
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