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Default How is your idle set?

I've been monkeying around w/ my motorized bicycle and it seems there are really two ways to do it. The first is to unscrew the idle screw to the point that the engine dies when you close up the throttle and lift the clutch. The second is to actually set the idle so when you lift the clutch, it, well, idles.

For me, I've found I actually like it the first way. Where I live, you can ride the motorized bike on the sidewalk if the motor is killed (not sure if that's common or not). So I can just kill the engine and hop on the sidewalk if necessary. Then drop the clutch once you're back on the road and go. I've read here that the killswitch is not good for the CDI so, assuming you don't use the killswitch, this sort of on-and-off driving wouldn't be possible unless you had the idle screw set so the engine would die without the throttle.

Does anybody else here operate it this way?

Also, does anybody here start their bike the way a manual car would, letting off the clutch while putting on the gas? Or does everybody pedal to start (whether dead or idling) and then drop the clutch? Just curious. I tried starting from a dead stop and was able to do it, but it felt like it wasn't the best on the clutch.

The most "natural" way of drivign for me involves a lot of killing and starting the motor while moving... you guys think this is bad for the motor?
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