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Default Re: What's Your Best Method To Lock Up (Protect) Your Bike?

If you are talking protecting Motorized Bikes you might like my new CDI Keyswitch gizmo.

It won't protect against someone picking up the bike and taking it, but it will keep anyone from being able to start it if the removable key is not turned to the ON position without replacing the whole CDI with a new one.

All I do for my little 10 minute stops is release the clutch lock, and turn off the carb gas and ignition keylock.

---- Sneak Peak at my Keyswitch Ignition Mod----

In short you can epoxy my keyswitch box to you CDI for a keylock, and get a much better and cleaner look and room to your build.

As you can see the wires to the motor are twice as long 18 gauge and shielded in actual black cable, not shrink warped.
For the throttle Kill Button you just cut it off where it gets to the keyswitch Mod and crimp on the included connectors and plug it in there.

Want to scope your magnetos Spark Pulse?
Unplug the kill button plugs and stick you AC probes in the sockets.

I only have a small production inventory of parts for 45 units and don't have my web site set up for it, hence the "sneak peak" disclaimer.

Just something to keep in mind for easy stuff with no hassle, and very effective against casual thief's and family members.

Sorry, I won't hijack your topic with this, I will be set and announce later this week but I just couldn't stop myself from breaking a sneak peak of my first production baby in a new security topic ;-}
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