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Default Re: Daelans question thread

Ok lets take this one step at a time...

1) There is no special routing for the throttle.

2) As far as a "better throttle It all depends on the rider. If you want to stay with a twist grip throttle Napa sells a real nice twist grip all metal for about $15.00

3) What those fellas meant is double wall Rims not tires. You will get better info from other forum members on that subject as I am still learning that stuff too.

4) You do not need to change your chain right as all chain stretches over time. When you "need" to change your chain you will want to replace it with a # 41 roll chain. This can be purchased at any hardware store. Rather inexpensive.

5) Brakes, I have regular old caliper brakes on both front and back wheel and both are controlled by my dual cable handle. I love this thing and I have already bought an extra in case this one ever breaks. I don't think that Disk brakes are necessary. Regular brakes will do you just fine. Now as far as the thumb controls, I don't like the Idea of pushing forward with my thumb, pulling in the opposite direction with my fingers while trying to hold onto a bar while going 20+ Mph. How much control are you going to have on a turn? or if a car, kid steps out in your way? Just my thoughts on the situation.
Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club
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