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Default Re: Need help with electrical stuff

Wow hey Kevlar I don't work for NASA nor am I an electrician but that diagram just looks cool! lol I have no idea if this is anything similar to that but this is what I am running on one of my motorized bicycles and it charges my 6V SLA and lights just fine.....

HT 6v Charging System w/- ground - Motorized Bicycle Forum

Here's the setup, The completed job and the parts list. Most of which you can get at Radio Shack.

Terminal strip - Radio Shack 274-679
WHITE 18g wire – to motor
RED 16g wire – to light, horn, switches, etc.
BLACK 16g wire – to motor or to ground
D1 – rectifier diode, I used Radio Shack 276-1141
Z1 – zener diode, 6.8v, 5w - 1N5342B
R1 – power resistor, 10ohm, 5watt, I used Radio Shack 271-132
F1 – fuse, I used a 5 amp fuse
B1 – 6v lead acid battery, I used a 1.3ah SLA
Battery box – 2.0x2.5x5.0 plastic Radio Shack project box
Mounting brackets – plastic conduit clamps from Home Depot

These are the lights I am using with the system
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Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club

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