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Default Daelans question thread

So if you can't tell, I'm mid build and it's been quite a trip so far. I'd first like to thank everybody for the help and support I've received thus far. I wouldn't even be close to where I am now if it wasnt for you guys!

So instead of spamming the board up with threads, I've decided to make a single thread to house them all. I will keep this top post updated with questions as well as mark those that have been answered. Feel free to answer them all, answer one or two, or just provide input on a question already answered. All input is appreciated .

So here they go!

ANSWERED 1) I know that the clutch cable is routed through that post to keep the tension, is there something similar for the throttle cable?

ANSWERED 2) Anyone know where I can buy a better throttle? Something snapped internally when I first tried to use it (checked to make sure it still worked afterwards, it does), but it just doesn't feel trustworthy.

ANSWERED 3) To my chagrin, I have bent my back tire while trying to fire up the engine. I failed to realize the severity of one tiny little bend. Now it's a big bend . Some guys down the street came by while I was working on it and said that I'm gonna want "double wall" tires, and should be looking to spend at least $100 per. Are these necessary? Can I just go to my local bike shop and pick up a basic tire of the same dimensions without worrying about extra strength? Has anyone else bent a tire? I'm assuming this problem arose simply because of the small initial bend that just got worse.

ANSWERED 4) Should I be looking into a wider chain? I noticed in the directions they seemed to be leading towards a wider chain as far as an ideal setup goes.

ANSWERED 5) I know I need a special front tire if I want to go disc brake, but does it require anything on the frame to be changed? Anyone have a good recommendation on where to get a disc brake setup?

ANSWERED 6) Rear brakes, necessary? I know the front brake gives you around 70-80% of you stopping power (I think?). For right now, because of the clutch taking over the front brake lever on the left, I removed my rear brake and put the front brake on the right handlebar. I've been looking at those brake/thumb clutch combos, anybody have one?

ANSWERED 7) What does "4 stroking" mean? I've seen the term around the forums, but can't really seem to figure out what it is in reference to.

Phew! I think that does it for now. A big thanks in advance to everyone, and hopefully I will have this bad boy finished by the coming weekend. (Hopefully)
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