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Default What spares do you keep on hand?

Hey everyone, I just bought a Bike that's already been assembled with a Chinese 66cc motor and I've been working out the kinks so my girlfriend can use it to commute 6 miles each way to work over hilly terrain.

First off, what type of spare parts should I keep on hand? I know I'll need a couple extra spark plugs and I was thinking a set of clutch pads as well. Any other parts that go bad often and I should keep on hand?

Also, I'm about to build a cargo bike and I was thinking that a motor on it would be pretty sweet, so I think I'll order an engine kit for that as well, maybe even a shifter kit in the future. The motor I have now appears to be the "slant head" engine with the spark plug pointing forward rather than straight up, are the "slant head" engines more powerful? Also I noticed that it looks like there are a couple of head gaskets or a thick one on there and I was wondering if anyone has installed a thinner gasket for more compression? Can these cheap engines handle the added power?

Thanks for the help everyone!
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