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Smile Re: What Have You Done To Me?

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
You guys are lucky to have wives who take an interest in what you're doing. I think it would be a really neat thing to ride together with your sweet thing. Awesome!
SB it is awesome, the very first date my wife and I had I took her out of town to a drag strip 85 miles away from here and as soon as the cars started lining up she started naming the make, model, and popular engine sizes of the cars when they were stock, I looked at her and thought wow I just might have to marry this girl, I was stunned because she is an office manager for a health care company and I just never would have thought this city girl who grew up in Dayton Ohio would have a clue about racing and classic muscle cars, I figured my Texas Country boy ways might send her running the other way, but she ran right to me instead so I figure I'm a very fortunate Man to have such a great little gal who let's me play and dont mind playing along, she knows I'll never stop so she just smiles and tells me I'll probably kill myself some day, she says I better make sure we have good insurance on me so she will be taken good care of when I do, I just laugh and tell her she will not get rid of me that easy....LOL......!

To sum this up in a nut shell, I'll just say that it is yes........a very awesome thing to have a good woman that will have your back even though she may think deep down your just wasting time and money that could be better spent on things around the house or something.

My wife is my very best friend second only to my creator....lets all ride safe and if you have a great woman that stands with you, be sure to let her know how special she is cause there aint many of-em out there these days.

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