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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

It's just crazy good fun on these bikes, I have built things like very fast go karts 50+ MPH and owned dirt bikes, street bikes, I have a nice Stratos bass boat and I put on hold a 1969 Chevy c10 build I had been working on for a couple of months before I got my first kit, my boat has yet to be in the water this year and the new engine I built for my old fix-er up truck is still sitting on the engine stand, I have been having so much darn fun on my bike I just cant seem to get back to the truck and the boat just dont seem like to much fun right now in comparison to cruising the country back roads on my Motorizedbike, the only sad thing on my mind about it right now is that my wife and I are trying to buy a new home and some land, and this is gonna put a damper on some of my plans for a while but I hope to get back to it as soon as I can get all my junk reorganized at the new place, my wife as wonderful as she is told me the other day as she pointed at all my bike stuff that I will have to put some things on hold when we spend everything we have and a whole bunch of what we dont have to buy this new house and 16 acres she wants, but I will still be riding and I'll bet I can squeeze another build into the picture by maybe this next spring if all goes well, I just dont see myself ever getting bored with the motorbikes, no doubt the best and funnest thing overall I ever built......!
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