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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
mapbike I know where you are coming from about the wife. My wife was laughing at me when I ordered my first kit over two years ago, It took a week to get to me and the whole week all I heard was "it ain't gonna work". When I got it all put together and running (all of which I did at a buddies house, just in case it didn't work.) I rode home peddling the last leg on purpose. She was of course outside waiting for me; as soon as she went to say "told ya so" I let out the clutch and she fired right up! I looked right at her with a s**t eating grin and said "Ain't Gonna Work!!!!" Even my 11yr. old son was laughing. She was so shocked it was at how well it worked she couldn't help but laugh. I'm just happy she has a sense of humor. Now understand my wife is only 4' tall but she wants one now! So I am working on putting a motor on a 20". I told her I would but only if I can put "Ain't gonna work" on the gas tank. I'll keep ya posted.
Thats the second time you cracked me today Dag. Ya gotta post pics of that tank.
worst apocalypse ever
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