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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

Dunno why MapBike but ya made me think of last summer. My Carol is truly the finest person I have ever met. She really is. I found motorized bicycles cause some one in broad daylight walked into our garage and stole her bike. Wondering around the internet bicycle shopping, I found Dax's web page and was hooked b4 page 2. Any way, we go some where in the car with my first motorized bicycle on a carrier. As we pull in the drive she remarks, "We left the garage door open" I reply, "is OK. the bike is on the back of the car" snork, snork. In 21 yrs, I have never seen her look at me like that. b4 or after. It was a mix of complete disbelief, shock and "wutz rong wit you" all in one
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