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Default Reactions from other 2 wheeled users

I've seen a couple of threads about this topic, Here is my take on it.

Reactions I get from other 2 wheeled users where I live.

The Postman, Honda CT110, A smile or a nod. Positive, These guys are pro, daily riders in all weather. My local guy waves.

The new commuter in work wear, 20year old MTB, Seems curious, probably is wondering where they can get one, not negative. He will graduate into one of us or the dude listed below.

The hard-core long term commuter, $500+ 700c Flat bar road bike. Works in an office. Owns wet weather gear, usually negative, Probably Greenpeace. Best left alone. Get the finger sometimes.

The Spandex Guy, $5,000+ Gleaming Race bike, Only seen in fair weather, even angrier than the commuter guy. His father didn't love him... Keep your distance. His spandex MTB cousins are much the same except snarlier looking and they like mud.

The Pro Rider, $10,000+ Race Bike, Looks like the Spandex guy, but he is different, he rides every day in all weather, Bike and clothing show wear and tear, He does not care about you. He's got races to win.

Harley Dudes, There are some different types, Corporate, Enthusiast and Biker. Corporate guy is ignorant, too important to take notice, Enthusiast guy is interested and nods and Biker guy just looks straight through you.

Sports Bike Riders, Depends on age, I rarely get a nod or smile except from older riders. Have been ridiculed by the younger guys.

Vintage or Classic Owners, Old English Bikes or Vintage ***, The people on older machines have positive response, probably because they know all about it... You know reliability, flat tyres, parts, ect.

Daily or Commuter Riders, A comfortable, sensible bike, These guys return the nod, sometimes smile.

The most positive responses come from Kids and Teenagers, they love the idea, and are probably jealous.

Car drivers are worse than all the above, especially Sales Drones in company cars and Tradesmen/Workmen in 4 wheel drive utes.
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