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Unhappy well it is nice to know that taxs are doing good there

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Just so everyone knows, this didn't happen right away. The bike has close to 700 miles of glass smooth Michigan roads under it's belt. lol
well it is nice to know that taxs are doing good there . i have seen pot holes here that could swallow vw bugs, no joke ! the roads wash away all the time , i need a computer to program them in so as to dodge them next time i ride / i really dont know you kevlar . but i would say you have that many miles in a week lol you might make an good guinea pig and an test subject here at this site and at the sites that make motors to show just how much these motors and frames will take lol, i wish i had the money for an motor i am saving beer and soda cans i pick up and buy for 40cents a pound and sell at the yards for 79 cents a pound at the yards for money , my vends stay full all the time , must be the economy ? i am looking for a place to recycle plastic ? dont mean to get off thred and , and i might not catch you latter paste a link if you can thanks and i am still kicking P.S. do you work at Dupont ? i know a dude named Dave that worked there and had to quit because he had diabeites so bad , i worked at philip morris

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