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Smile Re: Cranbrook owners, a warning.

Originally Posted by DOC BOLM View Post
The bike as we know it was not designed to put a motor on,but we do and it works.Their are builders here that must save and do without other thing to make a dream come true and get their first kit.If you have a cranbrook use it,if it breaks fix it and say i did it myself.We have more creative builder on this forum than any place on earth.If you want to build a bike out of 2x4 lumber do it and post a picture of it.You only need to say 'I DID IT'.
bought my bike for 40 bucks at the fle market , its an 'next' monterey bay cruiser and is well built bike ,Motors in the frames of any bicycle in my opinion look cool. Two stroke look more like an motorcycle or motor bike to me than the four stroke . I had handle bars snap right off an bike no (name mentioned) and there was not an motor on the bike. The only reason I even mentioned Cranbrook , is it was posted as so. And a lot of people who put an motor on it said it showed signs of stress on the frame in less than a month. I even saw one on the ratings at walmart dot com where a guy made an statement about the motor he mounted on the bike . I really don’t take anyone’s opinion on bikes , safety , or any other statements as ones handed down by god . Nor do I use the web to treat or diagnose any illness , but hands on experience and knowledge and pictures , and success stories do count and are helpful , I have found the word warning and beware do make me more aware of an situation here at this site and other places . My neighbor has a sign that says beware of dog and it helped me a heap lol. And yes this is the best place to come for help on these motors , latter and I am still Kicking P.S I used this to mend and reinforce my frames canoe and even repaired a crack in a motor block
Marine tex .. its bad to the bone ! i get it at the local marina here in town . its for boats but it is very strong stuff.
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