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Default First time firing up the engine, problem! :(

So after much blood sweat and tears, I finally got the bike finished and on the road. I drop the clutch in as I'm pedaling, bike turn over just fine. I then pull the clutch in again, and the bike begins to rev as hard as it can (terrifying). I also noticed that before pulling the clutch in a second time, my throttle didn't function at all. I've looked into the carb and can see that the little lever thing pulls up as I engage the throttle (which i think is good). Anyone know what the white lever on the carb does? I haven't touched it and its not mentioned in the manual. Also, my throttle broke when I was installing it (go china!), a small plastic piece fell out. But like I said, I've been able to verify that the throttle does in fact engage the carb.

Any ideas??
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