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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

"Friend! There is another way!"
That's great Oyster! Been thinking about doing a script for a movie about motorized bicycles since I got into em. (Revenge of the nerds against the spandex elitists or the outfit that keeps taking my stuff, copying it then calling me a thief sort of thing) But if I ever get around to it gonna have an obsessed monk like guy, robe and all, preaching an' spreading the "word" of the glory of MBs. "Friend! There is another way!" LOL!!! Love it.
Most of the characters are based on friends from here. Some are a mix of folks here. No one sue me! lol

I write a lot and never even try to get published. But might try to get some local collage kids to do it as a school project. Might be fun.
worst apocalypse ever

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