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Default Re: Actual Blown Headgasket

to add to Pablo's instructions, turn the head a few times while doing this, i mean how you're holding it. like, if you've got your fingers on all the bolt holes and you're pressing down, rotate the head so your fingers are on a different set of bolt holes every so often.

this way you'll keep an even pressure on it, and won't end up sanding it on an angle.

also, i just use masking tape and tape a piece of 600 grit down to a piece of glass, and use that. on a Grubee head, there's circular marks from where the factory surfaced it, and i keep sanding till they're gone.

you can lap it a little just to create a smooth mating surface, or a lot to increase compression. just don't go overboard, it doesn't take a lot. a coupla millimeters is enough.

another thing to keep in mind, is higher compression makes it harder to start, meaning more pedaling.

one more thing. my head is lapped about as much as possible, and the compression is way more than stock, and i've been beating the he11 outta my motor for 6 months, and a few thousand miles with no problems. i guess it's a hit or miss situation.

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