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Default Re: Actual Blown Headgasket

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Oh while the head was off I lapped it in again on a piece of glass. This is the second time. It was heat warped again.
My head is leaking again TOO. This is the cause. My slant head and vigorous lapping has increased my compression greatly. The price to pay I guess, but my head was NO WHERE NEAR FLAT AS RECEIVED.

For the fellow who asked:

One piece of flat glass 12"x12" or whatever.
A plywood surface or towel on concrete outside (work surface that you can get wet and dirty)
Various grades of wet/dry sandpaper (rougher for material removal) all the way up to 1200 for real smoothing.

Set your glass on a towel, lay the sandpaper on the glass, get the whole affair wet. Then rub the mating surface of the head in a circular pattern as required while holding it as flat as possible. Progress up to finer grades of paper and clean the whole affair at each grit change.When complete, wash the head very well. You don't want grit in your engine.
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