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Default Re: Don't be fooled by petcock valve.

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
What tank do you use the one of the MX80? Got a pic of it on your MB?
I lost that tank years ago, who know's what I did with it?? The 2 1/2 tank that I use is off a 1985 Honda 200X...I also have a 1 1/2 gallon tank off a 1982 YZ125. I've not mounted that one on my daily commuter so I don't have it set up for that frame. I did use that one on my full suspension bike before I sold it.

I use roll bar padding for the channel so it's nice and snug on my top rail..and a snap clamp?? I think that's what they call it...I took it off some old fire extinguisher mount's...They have streched and having trouble with them so I need to come up with something else.

The 200X tank is still the original white...I hate to paint it because it's in great shape and it remind's me of my youth. But I think if I paint it black it will match the frame and not stick out so much and hopefully not look so silly.

I don't remember taking any pic's of that tank mounted....I'll have to search my might be burried somewhere.. I have not gone on any long trip's in a while so I have not mounted it lately.
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