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Default Re: BUSTED!!!! (again) getting out of it.

Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
The law has to stop enforcing stupid ass laws like this and worry about what matters this is America the problem is Complainers vote alot so our whole society has been racked with this plague of uneducated decisions made by morons with nothing better to do then complain! I am done with the Law! Not my MB's, they steal from the poor to feed the rich this country has been infiltrated by greedy european influence once again and needs to be changed. There is only one way like the hydra you must severe all heads at once or the beast still lives. Problem is all us comfy americans are to chicken **** to do anything about it!

I agree with what you said except for the european part. I think the problem is that we have more greed here in North America (USA & Canada) than in Europe. After all we say "the business of America is business" and not "the business of Sweden (etc...) is business" right? LOL Not that greed is a bad thing. I mean when you really think about it it's the cornerstone of the capitalist system isn't it? Ford, Vanderbilt, Gates, Wozniak and all the others didn't get into business because selling you some product which you supposedly needed made your life seemingly better and made them feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. They did it out of greed for the $$$$. The problem is that now the greed is all consuming to the point that the various lobby groups here are the real puppet-masters and simply 'encourage' laws and regulations that in essence prevent any competition. Anyways, my point is that actually the entrepreneurial system tends to be smothered more right here in America. Europe is far ahead of us in innovations and implementation of alternative energies for instance because the rules and regulations in fact encourage it more, whereas here on the one hand the puppet masters have CNN and other channels of propaganda speak out against our dependance on foreign oil to shut the unwashed masses up but then in practice set so many rules and regulations that entrepreneurs can't get anything new off the ground. I mean just look at what the Big 3 did to Tucker back in the late 40s/early 50s when he came up with a truly outstanding automobile that actually had some performance, price and didn't handle like a pig. Through engineered financial woes, material supply problems they drove the guy out of business.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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