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Default Re: Dash Board, solar recharger and 6/12V batt set up

Originally Posted by Dan View Post

One of the first conversations Fair and I had was about how much I liked his Junk yard dog build. (Was that her name? I really did think thats what you rode in the Death race. Cracked me up when you thought I was trying to supply a tshirt. I was trying to sponcer you for a whole set of wheels) But really liked the look of her.

(/end rambling)
Yes the Junk Yard dog or J-Dog or a** cracker. The J-Dog has never seen the track, unfortunately the J-Dog has been sitting idle with a lack of funds to get her up and going again. In fact I have chopped off the entire rear motor mount rack and need to start all over. Right now it is just a regular bicycle with parts stolen off to keep my other rides going. I miss that bike

T-shirt? I was so confused by all that I have no ideal what was going on
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