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Default Re: Mounting the clutch!?!?

I hope this helps: The "ball Mount" Ok, if you will look at your clutch cable you will see that on one end there is an object either shaped like a round ball or most of the time shaped like a barrel, round and flat on 2 sides, this end attaches to your clutch lever that is mounted on your handle bars, it's kind of hard to explain to you in writting how to hook the cable up to the lever but if you will look it over it is very simple to figure out, the lever itself will have a slot and the adjuster that screws into the lever will also have a slot they will line up with each other if the part that screws into lever is rotated to that point, you will first put either the ball or barrel shaped end of the cable into the area on the lever that allows the cable "BALL" to sit and then rotate the cable into the slot on that pivoting area of the lever then slide the cable into the slot that is in the clutch lever frame and also the clutch lever adjusting screw, I may not have given very good directions here but this is the best way I could think of to put it into words, it hooks up the same as the brake cable on a bike with hand brakes, a very simple set up. Hope this helps, good luck on your build.

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