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Thanks! I hope it runs as good as it looks.

I mocked it up last night and noticed a few things that I need to figure out. I slept on it then did a bit of internet searching this morning/afternoon. I hope you guys like pics, I'll probably be putting a lot of them in this thread to document my progress. Maybe they can help somebody down the line, and they'll definitely help me remember what the heck I did.

Looks good so far.

The problems:

1) I can't use the forward tank strap because of the head gusset
2) I'll have to figure out how to secure the forward engine mount
3) The muffler is in the same plane as the crank arm.

My solutions:

1) I drill a hole thru the gusset and secure the front of the tank with new straps or a modified L-bracket. I'll secure both straps to the screw that runs thru the hole.

2) I'll go ahead and use the drill thru adapter and fill the gap up with washers. I stole the idea from That's Dax's website. In my pre-project research, I saw the pic, but I couldn't remember how it was done. I found it this morning and it wa so simple. I did find a lot of posts saying not to drill into the frame. I figure that it is OK because it is an oversized tube (1.5in)to begin with.

3) Hopefully the muffler mounting strap will pull the muffler closer to the front downtube. If not, I'll persuade it with something.

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