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Default Re: Dash Board, solar recharger and 6/12V batt set up

Awesome fair. TY. Was meaning to write you about this and a few other odd thoughts an see what ya thought.

Fritz, they sell these joke toggle switches labeled; "Warp Drive" "NOS" "after burner" "photon torpedo" All sorts of crazy stuff. Their just cheap but real switches with stickers. Las time I saw one was in a 7/11 (Circle K down South) for 99 cents or some thing like that. Will find a link. Hey! thats a thought, make our own. to be "Bicycle" turn switch down to "MB Power" OK, I got nutton but could be funny.
Couldnt find any, but this is the idea;

Very Cool Jack! I really like the clear idea! Plastic, accept no cheap imitation! Easy to work with and would be see threw. In real life, the stained cedar really does look good. Is held on by one pipe clamp and 2 bolts. So can experiment easily. Wanna try polished aluminum-inum too. Think that might look sharp on a more modern looking rig.

Thanks guys. I have strange thoughts an never really know what is esthetically pleasing. I really do like the look of hose clamps, U bolts and general disarray. Drives my biz partner insane! hehehehe, snicker sniker.

One of the first conversations Fair and I had was about how much I liked his Junk yard dog build. (Was that her name? I really did think thats what you rode in the Death race. Cracked me up when you thought I was trying to supply a tshirt. I was trying to sponcer you for a whole set of wheels) But really liked the look of her.

(/end rambling)
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