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Default Re: Lesson Learned - Be careful with Slant Heads

The electrode if you were lucky went in the exhaust. If you weren't it went in the scavenging port and into the bottom end. If it's running well it's probably in the exhaust. Use some wd-40 with the motor idling. Spray around the bottom of the cylinder, the intake tube at both ends, the head gasket. If you hear the motor slow down you found it. (wd temporarily plugs the leak and is safer than starting fluid) If that doesn't work get a piece of kinda thick glass and pull the head. Use some 220 wet/dry sandpaper. Dip the whole sheet in water then it will semi stick to the glass and sand the bottom of the head flat. Keep the paper very wet. Slantheads are almost always warped a little. Even if you found your leak the motor will run better if you lap the head flat. Good Luck
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