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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

LOL Oyster! Happily sad to report, it only gets more enthralling. When talking to folks I tell them the only thing wrong with em is I have trouble turning in my own or my work driveway. NonMBers always ask why. Mbers grin and nod. For the last couple of months I have been testing a prototype and was literally my third job to go ridding! OH man oh man what a joy. My friends, (both of them. Hi Mom) laugh at me when I say gotta go do some product testing. snork, snork.

My rule of thumb on how many motorized bicycles one should have; The one your ridding. The one your building and the one your planning.

I very often wake up thinking; "if I reduce this more" or "I could do this or that" Like SB said, far worse things. My favorite concept about these is they really are functional art that as members of this community, we can share in our own and our friends evolution. The lessons I have learned from em is phenomenal. Math, physics, engineering and wrenching.

I really think every at risk kid should be given a kit, a bike and a wrench or 3. All disassembled.

LOL, if your wife ever calls you obsessed, show her this.

Post lots of pics.

Post script, great blogg

worst apocalypse ever
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