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Default Re: Neons!!!

Ok lets head back to just the original headlight for a minute if we would please.

How much extra work would it be on the magneto? I've had people tell me that its okay because thats what the engine is built for, but others tell me that its best not to since the magneto does enough work running the engine.

Both sides sound pretty fair, but I'm not sure of either.

I've been wanting to connect my bullet light to the engine and rig an on off switch so that I could have it on ONLY when I need it on.

And also, would it be possible to run a tail light at the same time? Im not really worried about THAT...just mainly the headlight, I'd like to have the bullet light working without batteries. and where would the ground be wired to? directly to the bike? or is there a specific place on the engine?

Any suggestions would be great!!

P.S. the bullet light USED to be one of the generator style lights, so I converted it to battery powered, easy, but it doesnt eat the CHUGS them.

Again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated it!! THANKS!
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