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Default My first build Education

So since this is my first build I thought I would share some of the Happenings and problems that I have encountered.
#1- Make sure that the bike is A1 before allowing anyone else to ride it! (IE; donít let your daughter take the thing without properly educating her on how to work the thing) I now have a dented gas tank & the throttle was cracked this decided to give up on day two a five day camping trip. She survived with only a couple of scratches and a good bruise on her hip. She said she had worse in her cheerleading days LOL.
#2- Make sure that your chain is aligned properly IE; square from motor to back sprocket & that the back sprocket is true. This is a big thing and may save you the cost of buying a new chain!
#3- The stock chain tensioner is crap its good enough to get started but as soon as you can order one with a bearing. Check the chain tension often it stretches during break-in big time.
#4- Have fun you just bought a maintance problem that once figured out inset a problem but for someone without basic mechanical skills youíre in trouble
#5- Take time to break in your motor I have! And can tell a big deference already in the performance!
Bottom line is take time to make everything square and inline tight and right and you will be fine!
I kind of fast tacked the build and payed for it at the cost of a new chain. It was a small price to pay but could have been a much bigger problem ..

John H
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