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Default Re: Question for "Friction Drivers"

My commuter bke is a 20 year old Schwinn Mesa Runner hybrid with INNOVA slick tires. I had the same Stanton friction drive with RS engine with 1-1/8 roller. My top speed is 30mph, and I cruise between 16-17 mph. It's not the fastest bike on hills you need to give it a little help. I like this setup for its simplicity. I commute 6 miles round trip daily. In wet weather they are not very efficient but I can live with it. I just lift the roller and pedal my way in. In severe rain you could let some of the air out of the back tire and take it easy and it will get you home, but if you get on it too hard you will slip the tire on the wheel and cut the valve stem. Other than that I think its a good set up for short runs. I have close to 2000 miles on it with the same tires.

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