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Default Re: fuel line up against spark plug

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Why not just use a longer fuel line and route it away from the plug. The shielded hose mentioned is probably not a good idea because the sheath is stainless steel, a conductor of electricity. You don't want spark jumping to it for obvious reasons.
Try rerouting the fuel line before shielding it from the plug. Maybe a 90 degree elbow at or near the tank petcock?
This is what I'm doing now, sort of, but it's easier said than done. You see, the frame on my bike is small, small to the point that if i want to take the spark plug out, i will have to unmount the motor. So the nipple on the petcock is literally maybe 1/2 inch away from the spark plug just due to the size of the bike and the way everything has to be mounted. So, i'm currently doing what I can to space the fuel line from the plug, but it's impossible to get it at an "ideal" distance. So some sort of heat shielding will still be preferable.

Thanks for the offer, Tadd. Hopefully I can figure something out before I have to ask you to mail me anything!

I suppose the idea of putting a bigger tube around it might work, if i can't find anything else around here, and it's not made of metal..

Thanks so far guys.

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