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Default Re: solid inner tube and the results of

Originally Posted by AZMotorbiker View Post
I have solid tubes on my motorized bicycle as well, and it is nice being able to run over nails, glass, thorns, etc without worry, but there's a definite trade off in comfort. My motorized bicycle beats me up everytime I ride it because I feel EVERY bump. Spent the day at home yesterday due to back trouble caused when my back tire hopped into a deep rut and back out. Didn't feel it too badly until the next morning, when it was all I could do to sit up and dial the phone to tell my boss I wasn't coming in.

My Trek pedal bike has slime filled / thorn resistant tubes, resulting in a much more comfortable ride. My next motorized bicycle will have these tubes instead of the solid ones.

I know this thread is about solid tubes, but I totally feel for anyone with back pain. I had to stay out of work for 5 weeks last year and get 4 nerve blocks. I found the inversion table in Academy Sports for $100 and decided to try it. Absolute best 100 bucks I have ever spent. As soon as you flip over, the pain is gone. You don't have to be completely upside down either. Just get your head below your feet and try to relax. You will feel the pain just melt away. I will try anything to be rid of that horrible pain and not have to have surgery. I don't want anymore block shots, either.

Ok, back to the tubes!
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